Integrating technology into education has many benefits, one being the opportunity to seamlessly transition from on-campus to digital learning. Forward-thinking educators also recognize the opportunity to use today’s students’ digital literacy to enhance learning. Country Day School recently implemented a new Learning Management System that furthers our dedication to innovative education. Learn more!

Benefits to Technology in Education

Technology benefits a child’s education by offering unencumbered access to information and resources. Modern students, including those at Country Day School, are not limited to the four corners of a textbook. When a student has a question, the answer is nearby and it is our educator’s duty to teach students in every form of learning how to access everyday resources for education. Simple, user-friendly technology like iPads, Chromebooks and smartphones are used for educational purposes every day in classrooms and homes across the globe. This familiar technology provides access to tools to help manage learning for students, teachers and families. Learning Management Systems organize digital information and resources into courses, and integrate channels of communication between teachers, students and parents. The LMS gives structure to using technology for education, including calendars, communication notices, planning tools, access to grades and more.


The CDS Approach to Technology in Education

Excellent schools acknowledge and uphold the value of authentic, hands-on experiential learning and recognize it cannot be replaced. However, during COVID-19, traditional on-campus instruction may not be the best fit for every family. In the past, CDS had minimized computer use on campus through 3rd grade and prioritized authentic hands-on engagement and writing. Beginning in 4th grade, computers are part of the curriculum, including programming. The CDS Montessori School recognized the importance of technology in education early on and was one of the first schools to incorporate iPads in the Tampa Bay area.

Because the learning environment changed in the spring, CDS has implemented an LMS and incorporated video connections to help students stay on pace and engaged with teachers and classmates while learning off campus. CDS has embraced technology to support distance learning and uses computers in classrooms more than ever before. There are several learning options for the 2020-2021 school year and CDS is prepared to facilitate seamless on-campus learning to distance learning with the new LMS. Exceptional teachers paired with a new, cutting-edge LMS has students set up for a successful school year. 


What the Future of Technology in Education Might Look Like

Technology has opened doors and helped create an educational environment with no limits. In the future, it is possible schools will use technology to serve as a guide to students as they explore their curiosities and educators will facilitate growth and development. The teacher will no longer be “the sage on the stage,” but rather the “guide on the side.” CDS is prepared to educate children today, and adapt when children and learning environments call for change. 


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