The Importance of Preschool

Preschool has been called “the most important grade” and encompasses the early years that benefit a child’s overall development. Introducing young children to a safe, structured environment promotes academic, social and emotional emotional development. Early childhood education is foundational to how a child will navigate school beyond their early years. 

Preschool learning is more than singing songs, writing letters and exploring a new environment. Great preschools help students learn everyday skills that will help shape their future. In preschool, young students learn about themselves and how to problem solve, igniting their creativity. Preschool is the place for children to explore their curiosities! 

At Country Day School, we believe learning can be fun! Our students learn academic fundamentals that will carry through to higher learning, plus how to follow directions, interact with adults other than parents and guardians, and connect with other children, all while having fun! Preschool is essential in a child’s developmental years and contributes to long-term academic success. 


Our Reggio Emilia-Style Program

Our Compass Preschool Academy uses a  Reggio Emilia-Style program, which is based on creating an environment and curriculum best suited to a child’s desired learning needs. 

Children learn how to express themselves through play. When they engage in activities, their personalities ignite in different ways, allowing them to explore what it is to be their own person. During activities and play, children learn how to communicate with others by experiencing how others react. This helps to learn acceptable and unwanted actions and forms of expression. Reggio Emilia-style students often develop excellent social and emotional health, which creates a solid foundation to solving problems and collaborating with others.

Families interested in the CDS Reggio Emilia-Style Preschool Program can tour the Compass Preschool Academy in Indian Rocks Beach, available for infants-VPK.


Our Montessori Program

We believe children learn best through their own curiosity, discovery and investigation. We have created the safe environment for students to excel personally and academically in the Montessori Program. Our classes are organized into children within three years of one another, providing opportunities for older students to learn leadership skills, and younger students can be challenged by older students. 

Our Montessori Program is the foundation for engaging children in learning more about their own interests and providing responsibility opportunities. Montessori students often develop strong cognitive and physical health, in addition to social and emotional health.

Families interested in the Montessori Program can contact the Largo Campus, where the program is offered to children ages 1 year through fifth grade.


Considering The Right Preschool Program For Your Family

Preschool may be the most important grade, not only for learning numbers and letters, but experiencing academic programs through multiple mediums. When considering preschool options and the types of preschool, think about the way they learn by watching them play. 

As children learn and grow, they develop social and emotional skills by forming foundational connections with their peers. Country Day School preschool programs can benefit students, regardless of the program. At CDS, we support children and their families and assist in setting students up for success. 

When your child is playing at home, what toys do they revisit? The answer may be a clue to what program is best for your child. CDS helps families determine the best option of learning styles for preschoolers. Schedule a tour today to learn more!

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