Lunch Program

Culinary Program


Our mission is to provide kid-friendly and nutritious foods to our students.

“Kids need a well-balanced meal in order to function at peak performance during the school day.”

Of course, we all know this, but how do you get finicky eaters from a fast-food generation to eat healthily? Recognizing that ‘kid-friendly’ and ‘nutritious’ do not necessarily go hand-in-hand, our goal is to make our meals healthy AND appealing. We offer creative options and help students make smart choices.


“If we cook it, will they eat it?”

School is an excellent environment for kids to learn about different foods. Students are encouraged to try a taste of a new food, whether it is a snack they have not experienced before or something new on their plate. Lo and behold, when finicky eaters see that their friends like it and their teachers like it, maybe they’ll like it, too!

“Keep it simple.”

Our on-site kitchen cooks up meals that are full of fresh and natural foods, well balanced with a variety of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Entrees are made from scratch, where we are staying away from processed foods, artificial nitrates, trans-fats, and high fructose syrups. Dressings will be on the side and portions are age-appropriate.

Menu Items

The main entree, vegetable side, and fresh fruit are available daily, along with a vegetarian alternative. Additionally, several salads & sandwich choices are always offered. Sandwiches are served on whole grain bread!


Country Day is a ‘Nut-Free Facility.’ Due to severe nut allergies, peanut butter and nut products are not allowed in the classrooms. Please click and read the entire ‘Nut-Free Facility’ policy.

Pizza Day

Every Wednesday we offer Slyce Pizza Bar cheese and pepperoni pizza by the slice, and/or an individual order of knots. All orders are accompanied by seasonal, fresh fruit.

Online Ordering

Easy, online ordering thru MyCDS!

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