Country Day School is one of very few three language schools in the U.S. where students study English, Spanish, and Chinese. Additionally, it is known to have one of the strongest Spanish preparatory programs in the Tampa Bay region. Our emphasis in world language is rooted in the many benefits of language learning. Below we have listed 7 benefits of learning multiple languages.

  1. Increases cognitive functioning. The bilingual brain contains a higher density of gray matter, which contains most of the brain’s neurons and synapses
  2. Improves academic performance. Bilingual students are shown to perform better in mathematics and english than monolingual students. This certainly has shown to be true for us, as our students excel in multiple subjects.
  3. Strengthens problem solving skills. Languages provide multiple lenses through which to see the world, and therefore, the knowledge that there is always more than one way to approach a problem.
  4. Develops empathetic leaders who are more open to different cultures and ideas.
  5. Opens doors. Spanish and Chinese language skills are said to be among the top skills sought after by recruiters in both college and career.
  6. Helps delay the onset of diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia by as much as five years. The researchers believe this is because being bilingual is a constant brain exercise.
  7. Easier to learn more languages. Once you are proficient in one language, it is much easier to learn another. Our students graduate with the language learning skills that prepare them to learn many more languages in their lifetime.

The elasticity of a child’s brain makes it the ideal time to learn a language. Our students begin learning and familiarizing themselves with Spanish and Mandarin Chinese at just two years old.

At Country Day World School, the World Language classes of Spanish IH, Spanish II H, and Chinese are distinctive in setup, using a blended learning approach that stands apart as a model in the future of effective education. Daily, students experience Spanish and Chinese through seminars, independent study, and discussions during the World Languages/Advising block period. As in the past, CDWS utilizes a variety of language learning programs cohesively in one area through our web-hosted classroom management site. Students quickly acquire new language skills through genuine immersion instruction with fully interactive, multimedia technology methods. Diverse digital class tools combine the voices of native speakers, written text, and vivid real-life images to teach new words and grammar inductively through a process of creative discovery.

In Primary Montessori, the World Language program is designed to enable our youngest students to express basic thoughts and questions in multiple languages of the world. Students learn to express themselves in Spanish and American Sign Language in the area of numbers, body parts, songs, animals, and foods. Our Pre-Primary World Language program promotes confidence and creativity through interactive activities including early language concepts, conversation, and music.

The Lower Elementary Montessori teachers work in conjunction with the World Language teachers to guide the World Language vocabulary building process. In addition, students work independently on Spanish and Chinese studies using the Rosetta Stone online software program. The interactive program alongside physical manipulatives in the classroom is designed to enable students to speak and write their basic thoughts and questions in a World Language. The curriculum uses a combination of speaking, writing, and activities that are based on music, art, and collaboration.

Our competitive world language study program indeed has something to offer every student and encompasses the national World Language standards known as The Five Cs: Communication, Cultures, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities, as well as the Florida Sunshine State Standards. Students are challenged according to their ability in differing levels of instruction and will learn to apply the four basic linguistic skills of speaking, reading, listening, and writing, to reap the benefits of learning multiple languages.