Country Day School takes advantage of contemporary methods, research-based practices and materials, and 21st century technology in our pursuit of academic excellence, but our values are timeless. We strive to encourage each student’s unique talents while balancing growth of the whole child with critical and creative thinking encouraged across the curriculum. Our long tradition of academic rigor shapes coursework that inspires motivation, interest, and a love of learning. Explore academic life inside and beyond the classroom by looking at our programs at Country Day School, and the remarkable experiences and opportunities they have to offer.


Montessori & Preparatory Education

Our program offers the best of Montessori and preparatory education to foster students’ curiosity and natural inclination to learn. With a focus on creativity, independence, and innovation, each level of our curriculum is carefully designed to meet the social, academic, and developmental needs of the children we serve. Teachers encourage children to question and reflect, as well as to experiment and explore fundamental concepts through their interactions with classroom materials, technology, our environment, and our world. Following constructivism philosophies of teaching and learning, students are asked to construct their own meaning through inquiry and exploration. Our students are encouraged to think critically, listen openly, and act thoughtfully, rather than to simply memorize and categorize. Following a multi-sensory approach to instruction, teachers use all resources to respond to the individualized learning styles of our students for ceilingless education.


Advanced, Standards-Based Curriculum

The framework of our rigorous, comprehensive curriculum aligns to National Common Core Math and English Standards and state and national subject-specific standards, and provides academically challenging programs of study at every grade level across each discipline. Our theories of education follow Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) to meet the outstanding aptitudes and competencies of our student body.

  • Math: National Common Core Math Standards
  • English: National Common Core English Standards
  • Humanities: Next Generation Florida Sunshine State Standards; Common Core Writing Standards for Literacy in History/ Social Studies
  • Science: Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)
  • World Language: National Standards for Foreign Language Education; Next Generation Sunshine State World Language Standards
  • Physical Education: Next Generation Sunshine State Physical Education Standards
  • Technology: National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS)

Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is an innovative pedagogy of education that asks students to be actively engaged in their own learning. Through collaboration and engagement in authentic and meaningful experiences, students participate in guided purposeful conversations, project development and design, application of real-world math, relevant science inquiry and experimentation, and the search for solutions to global and political issues through research and active learning. Instead of relying on the experiences of others, our students experiment and make discoveries themselves. Teachers encourage students to ask questions rather than simply answering them. To maximize meaningful engagement, Country Day School students are expected to exceed minimum requirements and are guided to find for themselves the topics about which they are passionate. In our classes, students lead the way through curiosity, inquiry, and wonder.

21st Century Initiatives

We live in an increasingly diversified and globalized world driven by innovation, shared knowledge, and complex technology. The world has been transformed by information and communication technologies. Digital and media literacy now is imperative for navigating the challenges of the 21st century. A new vision of teaching and learning, one in which knowledge and skills are applied to real world issues, is needed for students to take advantage of the opportunities of the future. Our students excel in 21st century skills like critical thinking and problem-solving, creativity and innovation, communication, collaboration, and life skills. Our academic curriculum has always been designed with these important elements in mind. Following the Partnership for 21st Century Skills Framework, we believe in adhering to a holistic view of 21st century teaching and learning by combining a specific focus on student outcomes with innovative educational methods. We recognize the importance of fostering innovation and creativity to allow students to gain the skills and knowledge they will need for success today and tomorrow.

Global Awareness

Country Day School’s educational program gives our students the skills they will need to coexist in a more connected world. As an internationally aware school, we embrace holistic and constructivist educational approaches and collaboratively work with others from around the world. Our program invites students to develop a world view that broadens and deepens their thinking beyond the boundaries of nations and continents. Through a combination of inspired and enriching teaching approaches, our international focus introduces students, youngest to oldest, to diverse cultures and traditions.

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